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The Interest Group’s current bylaws were last revised in 2023.

Earlier bylaws are hosted below:

Founding bylaws

CSaB GitHub

CSaB maintains a GitHub organization. The CSaB GitHub includes various code that has been written to support CSaB functions over the years. It also includes a wiki that details various functions of CSaB.

CSaB Best Practices

This OSF repository serves as a centralized place for Communication Science and Biology researchers to share resources and best practices for developing efficient and open research labs.

Business Meeting Agendas & Minutes

ICA 2023 Minutes

ICA 2023 Agenda
ICA 2022 Minutes
ICA 2022 Agenda
ICA 2021 Minutes
ICA 2021 Agenda
ICA 2020 Minutes
ICA 2020 Agenda
ICA 2019 Minutes
ICA 2019 Agenda
ICA 2018 Minutes
ICA 2018 Agenda
ICA 2017 Minutes
ICA 2017 Agenda
ICA 2016 Minutes

Conference Programs

ICA 2023 Program
ICA 2022 Program
ICA 2021 Program
ICA 2020 Program
ICA 2019 Program
ICA 2018 Program
ICA 2017 Program

Calls for Papers

ICA 2022
ICA 2021
ICA 2020
ICA 2019

ICA 2018
ICA 2017

Outgoing Chair Messages

Emily Falk, 2020
Rene Weber, 2018

Identity & Materials

Badge Logo One
Badge Logo Two
Badge Logo Two B&W
Laptop Logo One
Laptop Logo Two
ICA Logo B&W
Officer Profile Picture Template (pptx)
Top Paper Twitter Art (pptx)
Front Page Icon Art (pptx)
Front Page Waveform Video
Panel Scoring Template

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