Harvard University

Research Assistant @ Psychology Department, Harvard University

The laboratories of Mina Cikara and Sam Gershman are soliciting applications for a joint Research Assistant (Lab Manager) to begin work in 2021 in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. This is a full-time position with full benefits and a salary of approximately $45,000 annually.

The labs conduct research on topics including decision-making, social cognition, and intergroup dynamics. See the Cikara Lab and Gershman Lab websites for more information. This position is being funded in large part by a NSF grant to study Social Structure Learning.

Basic Qualifications
College background or work experience in psychology or related discipline.

Additional Qualifications and Skills
Some elements to highlight in your application include any background in empirical research, leadership experience, and evidence of responsibility, self-motivation, and independence. If you happen to have specific skills in computer programming (e.g. web design, java, MATLAB, python, R, etc.), or neuroscience (e.g., fMRI), please mention that as well. (These skills are not required).