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ICA22 Submission FAQs

The ICA22 submission deadline is rapidly approaching (5 November @12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters Time, EST). This year, CSaB will accept four types of submissions: Full Papers, Extended Abstracts, Preregistered Studies, and Innovative Panel Proposals. To learn more about these, please see our call for papers:

To submit, you must upload your project to the submission website ( Please give yourself plenty of time to complete this process. When you log into the submission website, we hope that you will register to review (NB: first authors are automatically assigned to review by the ICA system). CSaB is known for its high-quality reviews and we hope that you will help give back to our interest group by volunteering to review.

With the deadline approaching, we have received some common questions. Below, please find a FAQ for submissions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact me (Richard) via email (, Twitter (@richardhuskey, @ICA_CSaB), or the CSaB Slack (email Richard to join).

On behalf of all the CSaB officers, we wish you the best as you work to complete your submission. We are excited to read your work, and look forward to seeing you at ICA22.


The CSaB Officers

ICA22 Submission FAQs

Q. Are the page/word count limits firm?
A. No. Your paper will not be rejected if it is longer than 25-pages, nor will your abstract be rejected if it is just over the 500 word limit. With that said, we do ask that you try to stay within these limits and if you must exceed them, we ask that you are not over by much as this places an extra burden on reviewers.

Q. How do I submit a pre-registration?
A. Please submit it as a “paper” in the submission portal. If possible, please add “Pre-Registration” to your title, although this is not mandatory.

Q. What format should my pre-registration be in?
A. This is up to you! If you would like to “print” a .pdf of your blinded pre-registration on As Predicted or OSF, go for it! Or, if you would rather submit a pdf of a pre-registration you are drafting (e.g., with the goal of implementing reviewer feedback), go for it!

Q. Do I need to strictly follow APA formatting guidelines?
A. Sorta. We will not take out a ruler to measure your margins, or check if you have truly used double spacing rather than 1.9 spacing. While 12 point Times New Roman font is preferred, we will not strictly enforce this. If you think your research is more easily understood by placing tables/figures in the main text rather than at the end of the manuscript, then place tables/figures in the main text. Out of respect for your reviewers, we request that you do not deviate substantially from APA guidelines.

Q. Is the citation diversity statement and analysis mandatory?
A. No. We encourage authors to quantify their citation practices. However, this is optional and there is no penalty for not including the statement + analysis.

Q. Can I include supplementary materials?
A. Yes, you can include these by uploading them to an online repository (e.g., OSF). Although, reviewers are not obligated to evaluate these materials and your submission should stand on its own without reference to the supplemental materials.

Q. What if my question wasn’t answered here?
A. Contact Richard via email (, Twitter (@richardhuskey, @ICA_CSaB), or the CSaB Slack (email Richard to join).

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