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Call for ICA journal editors

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DEADLINE: 12:00 Noon ICA Headquarters Time (EST) on 31 January 2024

The ICA Publications Committee is soliciting applications for the next editor(s) of Human Communication Research and Communication, Culture and Critique. The four-year terms will begin with a transition in September 2024.  

Human Communication Research works to advance understanding of human symbolic processes with a strong emphasis on theory-driven research, the development of new theoretical models in communication, and the development of innovative methods for observing and measuring communication behavior. The journal has a broad social-science focus and offers important applications for scholars in psychology, sociology, linguistics, and anthropology, as well as areas of communication studies.

Communication, Culture & Critique publishes high-quality, original scholarship utilizing a diversity of critical approaches to place questions of power, inequality, and justice at the center of empirical and theoretical inquiry. CCC prioritizes qualitative scholarship that engages with wider historical, economic, cultural, and political dynamics. The Journal is particularly interested in providing a space for scholarship on, by, and/or about people and topics underrepresented in academic publishing. 

More details about the journals can be found at and

The Publications Committee seeks applications from individuals or small teams of scholars from the ICA membership. The successful applicant(s) will be expected to build an editorial structure that reflects the tremendous diversity of the communication discipline around the globe. Multiple factors are considered when evaluating candidate applications, including, but not limited to:

●      Clear understanding of the mission of the journal

●      Clear articulation of an intellectual and operational vision for the journal

●      Demonstrated openness to a range of epistemologies and methodologies appropriate for the scope of the journal

●      Demonstrated interest and/or experience in theoretical development

●      Demonstrated interest and/or openness to interdisciplinary work

●      Demonstrated communication skills and diplomacy

●      Reputation and excellence of academic output

●      Editorial, managerial or administrative experience

●      Tenure or advanced rank

●      Institutional support

Team submissions should also demonstrate successful past collaboration and an articulation of how the workflow will be managed among team members.

A complete application package should include:

●      A letter of application

●      A vision statement for the editorship

●      A CV for each candidate

●      For each candidate, two letters of support from scholars familiar with the quality of the individual’s research as well as experience with and suitability for journal editing

●      A letter of institutional support from each candidate’s home institution

Within the scope of their work for ICA, editors of ICA publications should be committed to respecting and enhancing diversity in terms of interest areas, gender, ethnicity, and national origin. 

Questions and materials should be submitted to Thomas Mankowski, ICA Director of Publishing Operations,, by 31 January 2024.  Finalists will be notified in March 2024 and subsequently interviewed by members of the Publications Committee.

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